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Data is everywhere. In our organizations, in our homes, and in our communities.

Beyond the Data was born out of a belief that EVERYONE in today’s society needs the ability to understand data, how it works, and how to use it in their careers and personal lives. Data isn’t just for data scientists anymore.

Gartner has called this concept “Data Literacy”, or “Data as a Second Language”. It’s the ability to read, write, and communicate with data. Our solutions are tailored to help individuals and organizations do just that.


Matt has been pushing the boundaries of data and analytics for over 12 years.

He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies including Target, Deloitte, United Health Group, Verizon and Supervalu, solving a wide range of analytics problems. His specialty is in leading analytics culture adoption, increasing the usage of data in organizations, and empowering business users to harness their data.

Matt has a Masters degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, a burgeoning field that blends data with organizational development and business strategy. When he’s not coaching others, he’s at home with his wife & 2 kids, playing a good board game, or playing the sport of curling.

Dave has been advising clients on strategy and data for over 12 years, helping them elevate their products and services with data and analytics. His passion is bringing together people, process, technology, and data to make the world a better place.

Dave has worked for companies like U.S. Bank, Aon, and Solera. His speciality is on advising organizations to think about, communicate, and integrate data into everything they do, from daily decision-making to their products and services. Dave regularly speaks at conferences around the world. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for MinneAnalytics. He is also involved in conducting ProductCamp Twin Cities, Twin Cities Data Viz Group, and Customer Focus North.

Dave received a J.D. from Drake University, M.S. in Information Assurance from Iowa State University, and a B.S. in Chemistry from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. He lives with his wife Jenn and their dog Maxie. In his free time he loves traveling, learning new things and listening to podcasts.


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