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We’re on a mission

Just like people should be “reading literate”, we are on a mission to empower people to become “data literate.”

Being data literate is different than technical skills

In fact, we think that blending your already established professional-skills with data-skills are the critical differentiator between average and great business professionals. To be successful with data, you need to know:

  • how to ask great questions of data

  • how to find the right answers with data

  • how to effectively summarize data

  • how to determine the quality of data

  • how to communicate effectively with data

  • how to ethically and responsibly share data

A data education company is born

We’re setting out on a bold mission to raise the data ability of every person in every part of the world. From Operations Specialists to Accountants. From Product Managers to Data Scientists.

Data is for everyone.


Start Your Career Off Right

You have so much potential.

But you’re looking for a way to differentiate and add unique value to your role.

Learn how to effectively use data and advance to your next role faster.


Advance your Career with Data

You’re great at your job.

But it seems you’re regularly asked to use more data in your role.

Learn how to leverage data the right way, and round out those business skills.


Executives and Business Leaders

You have so much data

But your teams are not data people and your data usage is ineffective or inefficient.

Give them the critical skills to efficiently and effectively find insights, and drive results.


Data Analysts and Data Scientists

You have the technical skills.

But you don’t feel like your career is moving as fast as you think it should.

Learn the soft-skills necessary to truly become an analytics unicorn.

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Next Session January 17, 2019

The Problem Framing and Data Story Telling lessons have already boosted the effectiveness of my data communication abilities.

Liz O.

Escalation Program Manager

Andromeda Cohort

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The Data Literacy Accelerator program is an intensive, six-week team-based virtual experience, designed to give you experience working on real problems that today’s top analysts face every day.

With a flexible, 100% virtual format, you will build great relationships with your mentor and with your team while you learn what it takes to be a truly exceptional data practitioner.

The Accelerator covers the following core areas:

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We are with you every step of the way

This course is CHALLENGING. You will be given many real-life data challenges that top professionals face every day.

If you’re serious about upping your data-game, then we’re serious about helping you get there.

Our January 17 Accelerator is filling up fast.

reserve your seat today.

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Kristin J  Category Analyst - Supervalu

Kristin J.

Category Analyst

Andromeda Cohort

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This class was exactly what I needed to help kick start my passion for data and analytics. Whether you are a recent college grad, or currently in the workforce - everyone can benefit from this course.

I had the opportunity to work through real-life situations while learning new skills. The feedback that I received from the cohort gave me the insights to analyze and present data

Jennifer M.

Claims Team Lead

Andromeda Cohort


Next Session January 17, 2019

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Dave Mathias

Dave has been advising clients on data for over 10 years. He helps them elevate their products and services with data and analytics. His passion is bringing together people, process, technology, and data to make the world a better place.


Matt Jesser

Matt has been pushing the boundaries of data and analytics for over 12 years. His passion is in coaching and mentoring analysts all over the world to deliver greater insights for their organizations, and helping them advance their careers.