Who Are Your Data Champions?

Every organization needs to know their Data Champions. These are your heroes that help evangelize, train, and coach others around the power of data in your organization. These are not your executives but instead they are your bottoms-up champions.

Building and supporting your community of Data Champions is the #1 way organizations can infuse a sustainable data informed culture.

How Can We Help?

Whether needing help to develop a plan, get things started, or helping execute on your plan we can help you throughout the process. We have more offerings for Data Champions than all other stakeholders because we know it is vital to ensure a sustainable data informed culture.

In addition to strategic coaching we offer Data Champion assessments, variety of public and private workshops, and our 8-week Data Champion Accelerator. Let us help your Data Champions flourish and create the community you are looking to build.



Our Passion

Matt and Dave continue to be data champions. Instead of doing so in organizations like they did in the past they and their team do so now coaching, assessing, and training Data Champions at organizations. One of their greatest passions is evangelizing the power of data to the broader public. Here is a picture of them doing this at Data Tech.

Who Are We?

Beyond the Data specializes in helping organizations like yours become more data-informed through a top-down and bottoms-up approach to build a sustaining data community. We can help your organization:

  • Assess and strategize around an organization’s data transformation readiness

  • Assess the data literacy of individuals, roles, and departments

  • Advise and develop training and communication strategy

  • Deliver training through Accelerators and workshops including train-the-trainers

  • Advise and develop a sustaining data community

  • Advise and develop a data change management strategy

We are your data coach. Talk to us to learn how we can help.

Check Out Our Public Workshops

Make sure to catch us in your city where we offer public workshops. Maybe try our popular Data Storytelling & Visualization or Data Fundamentals workshop. If you don’t see your city on our calendar contact us and let us know you would be interested in us coming to your city.

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