What’s holding you back from truly using data?

Your organization has invested in data analysts and/or data scientists, but

you’re still not getting the ROI you expected

You’re not alone.

Research shows that nearly 70% of organizations haven’t created a data-informed approach.

Data needs to be embedded into your culture


Four pillars of a data-informed organization

Align all four to Maximize ANALYTICS ROI


Data Champions

The linchpins of the data revolution. The small but mighty group of people who see value in data and will stop at nothing to help their organization realize its power


Executive Teams

Getting the C-Suite bought in is crucial. Without their support, you lose accountability to the numbers, and lose your funding for tools and people

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Data Teams

You need the right people, skills, and technology to execute the vision. Without this team, you won’t be able to deliver on the value you promised


Business Teams

Data is only useful when the business teams use it to make decisions. They need a fundamental understanding and comfortability with data so they can use it


About Us

At Beyond the Data, we’re passionate believers in the transformative power of data. But doing great analytics in a silo will only get organizations so far.

We help organizations like yours create and spread the necessary culture, knowledge and skills throughout your organization, to make sure that data, analytics, reporting and data science are truly successful.

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