I Started Learning Data... Now What? [Guest Article]


I came across a recent new resource, the Data School by Chartio. They’re building lots of free materials on how to learn the basics of data analysis. If you’re still working on integrating data into your day-to-day work, Data School will be a nice resource and reference guide for you!

Below is a guest post from Matthew David on Data Literacy and the Data School


Education in the data space is largely focused on helping individuals get jobs in data. They give you just enough information to get you past an interview. This typically involves entry level SQL knowledge, basics of analysis, and some proficiency with a Business Intelligence tool.

The Data School was created to pick up after people get jobs and start running into multiple people querying for data and conducting analysis. New problems emerge.

  • Analysis is affected by biases

  • Dashboards that a lot of effort went into go unused

  • People second guess your results

  • People want to be taught SQL

  • Data is messy and oddly represented

While these may not be asked in your interview these are challenges that every company who uses data faces. Solving these problems increases trust in an organization and leads to more informed decision making.

The Data School is a community driven library of free web books covering the data challenges companies face as they have more and more employees using data.

So far we have written:

Learn SQL - An interactive SQL tutorial to learn the syntax

How to Teach people SQL - Gifs and visuals to help people build intuition for how SQL works

How to Design a Dashboard - How to apply design thinking principles to the process of building dashboards

Misrepresenting Data - How people accidentally present false or misleading results

SQL Optimization - Common techniques for improving query speed and database performance

We are currently writing on Data Governance, Data Modeling, and the Fundamentals of Analysis. We write these books both internally and with the help of many data professionals. 

Check out our site: https://dataschool.com/

Join our community: Slack

About the Author

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Matthew David

Product Lead - Data School at Chartio

I am a Product Manager focused on making it easier to make decision based on data. With a lifelong passion for data, I’m focused on building great content for analysts who are getting started in their data career.

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