Ep 29 - Ben Schein - Organizations Need More Data Curiosity

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Episode Summary

I don’t want to ever build anything that’s completely done. I want to leave that last mile unfinished because it enables lots of people to answer lots of business questions.
— Ben Schein, Vice President at Domo
Caroline Doye

What if you had all the best data lakes, ETLs data pipelines, and BI tools in your organization?

What if you had an amazing team of technical data experts capable of writing python, R, SQL, and proficient at data visualization and data storytelling?

That would be great, right? You’d have a well-run data organization! Except… maybe you wouldn’t.

On this week’s episode, we talk with Ben Schein, VP of Data Curiosity from Domo. What an awesome title!

Ben is on a mission to show that simply having skills and tools is NOT enough to a data-driven organization in today’s world. As a former data leader at Target Corporation, he saw that the quality of the business team’s questions really mattered. If they were curious, asked lots of questions, and sought out insights, those teams would be most successful in implementing a data driven culture.

Of course, data curiosity is a two-edged sword. If you can’t deliver on the questions, that’s not good either. Ben’s solution was brilliant… build your data products end-to-ALMOST-end, leaving the last mile available for the business teams to scale their questions (and their answers).

Check out the whole episode for some amazing tips and stories about empowering teams with data, and developing a “data curious” workforce!

More about Ben Schein

LinkedIn - in/ben-schein

Twitter - @benfrominn

Ben’s company - Domo

Links from the episode

Book Recommendation - The Idea Factory

Mentor - Paritosh Desai, Chief Data and analytics Officer at Target

Mentor - David Hussman, Founder of DevJam

Mentor - Jason Goldberger, CEO at BlueNile

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