The Importance of Data Storytelling pt 2

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Episode Summary

In this episode Dave and Matt continue their discussion on data storytelling. Good storytelling skills can be used for good and evil. One key is taking audience in mind, being ethical, and being transparent when framing the story.

Storytelling is useful, but it can sometimes take people too far away from the data itself
— Dave Mathias

Moving beyond verbal storytelling there is the same need for these principles to be applied in all forms of communication. This includes email and utilizing things like clear and concise subject lines and writing like a journalist will help ensure effective emails and other written communications.

There will be many episodes where we will touch on the importance of storytelling and other tips and tricks. Plus we are lining up some great guests that are compelling storytellers to share their tips.

If you liked this episode, then make sure to catch part 1 of The importance of Data Storytelling.

Until next week!

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