Ep 30 - Nadieh Bremer - Anatomy of a Great Data Visualization

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Episode Summary

Want to be a better data visualizer? Make lots of projects. Look for other people’s work and try to iterate on it. Pick something you’re passionate about and start making something.
— Nadieh Bremer, Data Visualization Freelancer
Caroline Doye

We hear a lot about people transitioning into a data science role.

But how many people have you heard who are transitioning OUT of data science and into something more artistic.

Meet Nadieh Bremer, an ex-Deloitte data scientist with a background in astronomy and predictive algorithms.

Nadieh is a leader in the data visualization space, but she didn’t always start there. After years of churning out “just another predictive model” she was in search of something that fueled her more creative side. And she found data visualization! She didn’t realize just how powerful and needed these skill-sets really were.

Nadieh now does data visualization work full time through her company, Visual Cinnamon. She has won data visualization awards for her work in such publications as Scientific American, The Guardian, World Bank and Google News Lab. We also highly recommend checking out her visualization on Lord of the Rings!

We asked Nadieh to walk us through her process for creating the Lord of the Rings project. Surprisingly, there was much more to data visualization then just creating a pretty chart! Much of the data that she needed to answer her question wasn’t available in a format that was useful.

Hear her describe the effort from start to finish, and learn how to create awesome visuals that both captivate and inform!

More about Nadieh Bremer

LinkedIn - in/nbremer

Twitter - @nadiehbremer

Nadieh’s Website - Visual Cinnamon

Links from the episode

Dataviz - Lord of the Rings Project

Project - Data Sketches: A Year of Exotic Visualizations

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