Ep 23 - Renee McGregor - Using Data Literacy to Drive Analytics Adoption

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Episode Summary

Data doubters are so important to our Data Literacy
program... They question everything and they add VALUE to the process
— Renee McGregor

We're continuing our "Analytics on the Road" series! This week Dave sits down with Renee McGregor from South Africa Qlik, a partner reseller. Over the past couple years, they've really focused on Data Literacy in Cape Town and it shows! If you look up Google Trends results for "Data Literacy", you'll find that South Africa is one of the top countries. Renee talks about what that looks like and the work they do to improve Data Literacy for their organizations.


Renee is a native of Cape Town so she’s seen a huge shift in the culture and the opportunities over the years. She believes that Data Literacy can be that “next wave” of opportunity for organizations and people to change the way they live and work.

So what is Data Literacy mean for Renee? “To read, work with, analyze and argue with data” says Renee. It’s important that people really internalize how data affects them and how they can use data to improve their own lives.

Renee has been solving this for organizations all over South Africa. So what’s the secret? “Adoption at the C-level is absolutely necessary to drive a good data culture”. She’s seen successful implementations and failures and it always comes back to leadership.

The other piece that impacts a Data Literacy initiative in an organization? “You need people who have a passion for data and are ready to share it.” Once you have the C-suite aligned, you’ll need key data champions out there on the front-lines sharing the stories, benefits and skills with everyone.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Renee!

More about Renee McGregor

Connect with Renee on LinkedIn: /in/rene-mcgregor-a76a0930

Renee’s company - South Africa Qlik

Links and References

Data Hero - Jordan Morrow (Head of Data Literacy @ Qlik)

Favorite Storyteller or Author - Joyce Meyer

Organization - Data Literacy Project

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