Everyone Must Harness the Power of Data


What is data literacy? Data literate people can frame problems, access and understand data, gain insights from data, and tell stories with and around data and, most importantly, make data informed decisions. Further, they can be better partners with your information technology and analytics areas. As McKinsey and HBR mentioned above indicate, analytics and data literacy drive real organizational value.

Why data matters? Data-driven organizations are 23x more likely to acquire customers, 6x more likely to retain customers, and 19x more likely be profitable as a result per McKinsey. Further, Harvard Business Review recently stated, “Big companies are embracing analytics, but most still don’t have a data-driven culture.” In order to have a data-driven or data-informed culture, companies need data literate people on the business side.

How we help? Beyond the Data assists organizations and leaders make data-informed and customer-focused decisions. We do this by advising, equipping, and transforming organizations, leaders, and individuals.


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