We Deserve a Better Paradigm for Professional Education

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We Deserve a New Paradigm For Professional Education

Providing new and innovative ways to deliver data training is one of the founding tenets of Beyond the Data

Providing new and innovative ways to deliver data training is one of the founding tenets of Beyond the Data

Higher education is in need of disruption. Decade after decade it remains essentially unchanged. An educator stands up in front of students and dictates knowledge. The students’ knowledge of facts, theories, and processes with occasional application are then tested.

Worse yet education has become increasingly expensive with students investing large sums prior to truly knowing what they want to do. Then, they go off into the workplace and in land of rapidly changing environments many times those skills become obsolete.

One of the founding tenets of Beyond the Data was to find a better way to provide the RIGHT skills to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. Starting today, we’re re-writing the rules on professional education

The building blocks of a new education paradigm



If this is going to work, then it needs to be affordable for both students directly and also for employers paying for employees’ education. We’ve seen the mountain of debt that students come out of school with. It can’t continue like this.



Students should have opportunity to learn no matter where they are in a convenient fashion. This means not having to drive long distances to stale classrooms. It can mean online classes, but it could also mean learn-at-your-own-pace type environments. Or more one-on-one scheduled mentoring sessions.



If a student can’t apply the knowledge in some meaningful way RIGHT NOW, then what’s the point? Providing real problems that they are passionate about is what will create lasting skills that improve their careers. It is time to stop memorizing facts and to stop thinking in theoreticals.



Learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom. In fact, it might not START when you enter the classroom. Learning takes time and requires doing, seeing, experiencing, and discussing. That’s why the lessons should be long-lasting, with the content always available to come back to… months or even years later.



This might be the most important part. Learning happens in a shared space with others. When communities are created, ideas are shared, relationships are built and we become better with these people than we ever could have without. They push us to think differently, to reach beyond our limits. Community is the secret sauce that makes learning work.

Want to learn more about how we’re implementing these in the data education space?

Check out our Data Accelerator program for details

Beyond the Data is on a mission

We help high-performing individuals become champions for a more data-driven approach in their organization. We believe that data science is only part of the equation.

Getting value out of data requires building a culture that starts with YOU, is supported by executives, and trickles down to every front-line specialist in your organization.